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Pre-Sale Cleaning Services

Helping you achieve the best possible result!

We understand that selling your home is a stressful and time consuming process! On of the most important things about selling your home is presenting it in the right way! But in between juggling work and family commitments it can sometimes be difficult to keep your house looking great during the 5 week campaign process.

When your real estate agent books your home in for sale they will arrange for a photographer to come out and take photos of your home to use for all sorts of advertising. These photos follow your home throughout the campaign process, so it's very important to make sure these photos present your home in the very best way possible!

This is where we can help!

Our pre-sale cleans are specifically designed to make your home look the very best it can for potentials buyers! We go over all aspects of your home and ensure that everything is clean, sparkling and shiney for those all important photos!

But.... why stop at photos?

We can also come out and give your home a shine up prior to open for inspections and auction day! With our special prices for multiple cleans we can keep your house looking it's best all the way thru the campaign!

No upfront payment

We understand that things can be tight preparing for a house for sale. That's why you do not pay us until your property is settled! Our cleaning bill will be paid when the funds for your house comes through after settlement. This will come to us directly from your real estate agent, so no hassle for you!

Standard Pre-Sale Cleaning Prices

3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom

General Items throughout home

-Cleaning of all surfaces

-Cleaning of all skirting boards

-Cobweb removal

-Vacuum of all floors

-Mop and disinfect of all floors

Kitchen Cleaning

-Wiping down and cleaning of bench tops

-Wiping down and cleaning of exterior cupboards and drawers

-Polishing of sink

-Polishing of all stainless steel

-Cleaning of exterior oven

-Cleaning of exterior fridge

Bathroom Cleaning

-Wipe and clean of all surfaces

-Clean of shower

-Clean of bath

-Clean of mirror

Standard House Clean Price: $275.00 inc GST

Additional Services

Extra Options

-Additional Bathroom $50

-Additional Bedroom $30

-Internal Oven Clean $30

-Internal kitchen cupboards/drawers $70

-Internal kitchen fridge $40

Need something done that's not on our list? Call for a quote!

Savings for multiple cleans!

Buy 2 House Cleans - Save 10%

Buy 3 House Cleans - Save 15%

Buy 4 House Cleans - Save 20%

Buy 5 House Cleans - Save 25%

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